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Brink of Lower Falls in Yellowstone National Park

Freelance Journalism

Can Body Neutrality Improve Your Relationship With Running?

"None of this s**t matters. Just eat a carb."

Outside Run (February 2024)

Where is The Line Between Athlete and Influencer?

As running brands invest in social media influencers and professional athletes, runners face new opportunities and challenges

Trail Runner Magazine (December 2023)

How To Thrive in a Competitive Mountain Town 

Focus on your own training and performance as you immerse in the local community and the unique challenges of the natural environment

Trail Runner Magazine (July 2023)

How to Recover Like a Pro

Trendy recovery gimmicks are advertised everywhere, but professional trail runners know it’s all about prioritizing the basics.

Trail Runner Magazine (July 2023)

Why Is YouTube Obsessed with Running Marathons on Zero Training?

Social media influencers have started a trend of posting videos of them running long distances without training. Here’s why the science says it’s probably not a great idea

Outside Magazine (May 2023)

Brink of Lower Falls in Yellowstone National Park
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